I have the opportunity to use Canon cameras, at the moment a 1DX and a 7D II

Some of the older pictures are done with a  my previous bodies, Canon EOS 60D or Canon EOS 400D, 1D Mark IV, 5DIII.

My favourtie lenses (at least at this time) are the 600er f/4 II - das MP-E 65 MM and the 11-24mm f/4


Remark on expensive gear:

Of course the result gets better when using an expensive body or an expensive lense as the 600 f/4. But expensive gear doesn’t shoot pictures by themselves.

If you are interested in taking pictures of birds or other wildlife, you will need a focal length of at leat 400mm, but it has not to be a lense for the price of a small car.
the Tamron 150-600mm is also a par of my equipment - so far the only not Canon lense.... a great choice for beginners or thoses who do not want to spend 10K on a lense...

© all images Hans-Rudolf Werner